How do the picklists work?

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How do the picklists work?

Postby Zoe » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:44 am

When cataloguing objects, you can use the Picklist Editor to create common terms that are likely to be reused. Click on the Edit Term Picklist button beside the field you are working with to access the Picklist Editor for that field.

Please read our Picklist help for help creating your picklist terms.

To remove a term you can select the option that is blank with a little dash '-' in the Picklist Editor which will replace the incorrect term with nothing (or select a different term if you want to replace the incorrect term with something else).

At the moment, eHive does not have an option for deleting the term entirely from the picklist (so you can't remove a term from the Picklist Editor). The rationale behind this is that deleting the term will impact on all other records that currently use that term. We are working out the details on how users can safely delete terms in the picklist editor, or perhaps delete and replace with the new term. Picklist fields are still being designed and developed as part of this Beta release of eHive, and full authority control functions are scheduled for future development on eHive.

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Re: How do the picklists work?

Postby SianW » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:00 am

I am having trouble with the Quick Search in the Pick List Editor. How does this work, as it doesn't seem to be finding terms even when I know they are in the list. I began by just typing in a word that appears somewhere in the pick list term, but that doesn't work. Then I began typing out the term in full, and it looks as though the quick search only matches each word in the search to the first word in a term. In the locations pick list, this means that I would have to scroll through all the locations in the pick list editor to find whether a location is already an added term and link it to a record.

For example, if I am looking for the location Letchworth Museum, Room 10, Box C21, typing Letchworth into the search box brings up all the search terms that start Letchworth (of which there are obviously many). If I continue to type in the search box so that it says Letchworth Museum, the pick list then brings up all the terms that start Museum.

We need to be able to use the pick list editor to find terms, so I would appreciate guidance on how best to use the pick lists and the editor quick search.

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Re: How do the picklists work?

Postby paul » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:33 am

Typing directly into a pick list field will do a 'starting with' search to find possible matches. E.g Typing in "Letchworth Museum" will find all of the terms starting with this text.

However, from your example we can see cases where it would be better to show all of the matches containing the text. e.g. Type in "Room 10" to find all the locations in Room 10. We're changing the searching to work in this way which should be better for you.

We also found a problem where punctuation (like commas) is interfering with the search. We have fixed this problem.

Both of these changes will go onto the site in the next upgrade (scheduled for late next week - around March 23rd).


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