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Search syntax

Postby VanessaC » Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:34 pm

Hi Guys
Can you help with a search request please. Our database has a combination of our own objects and objects we have on loan. We differentiate objects with our numbering system.
Our objects are in the format RLC.2012.001
Our loan objects are in the format LOAN.02.001

I would like to conduct searchings excluding loan objects OR only finding loan objects. For example, to do a search on all caps in our collection, I have done the following
object_type:caps -loan
OR the reverse to find all caps we have on loan
object_type:caps -rlc

the problem I have is that the word loan or the acronym rlc appears in other fields so the searches are not quite accurate.
How do I do the above search but specify the -loan or -rlc appears in the object_ID field?
e.g. object_type:caps -no:loan (not sure where I need to put brackets?)

clear as mud?
thanks Vanessa

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Re: Search syntax

Postby paul » Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:40 pm

Hi Vanessa,
You were almost there. Because object number has tokenising disabled (splitting text into words by punctuation), "LOAN.02.001" is treated as one word and a wildcard search is needed to find all "LOAN"s. e.g. no:loan* will find all loans, whereas no:loan will find no records.

So, for your example:

object_type:caps -no:loan*

will find all caps and exclude all records with have object numbers starting with loan.

There's also the Legal Status field in the Administration tab for recording different legal parts of the collection. e.g. Accession, Loan, Deaccession, Proposed Acquisition.

We recently reworked the stemming of words to fix the search problem you had with plurals. We're moving the stemming options to a new advanced search page that is being developed so that you'll have the option to use stemming just on a particular search. e.g. Automatically include 'ran', 'runs' and 'running' on a search for 'run'.


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