Draft Objects - Sorting & Reporting

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Draft Objects - Sorting & Reporting

Postby DDroog » Mon May 16, 2016 8:29 pm

Our volunteers enter our Catelogue Items in Draft Objects, before they are later checked, edited and saved by our Senior cateloguer.
Can you add 2 features 1) Sorting by either Object No or Name/Title and 2) Reports similar to what is available for saved Objects, so we can produce an Excel Spreadsheet of Draft Objects to check off line.

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Re: Draft Objects - Sorting & Reporting

Postby paul » Fri May 20, 2016 5:51 pm

We're not planning to adding sorting and reporting features for drafts. We have instead provided a field on the object record to flag that a record has not yet been complete. On the Administration tab you can create a term in the Record Status field to indicate that a record still requires some work. e.g. "Incomplete" or "Review Required".

You can then at any time search for all of these records using:

record_status:incomplete (or a word from whatever term name you create).

You can then use any of the standard terms to sort and report on these. A key advantage is that these records are searchable immediately, so you avoid possible mistakes of people creating another record for the same object. You can also search within these by adding 'AND' to the search. e.g.

record_status:incomplete AND vase

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