Saving trouble

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Saving trouble

Postby BMHc » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:22 pm

Hello all

We have been having trouble with information not being saved. Click on the save icon and some bits vanish. The issue does seem to be patchy but has been happening for over a week. Can anyone suggest a solution or shine some light on it? Thanks!

A few days later and I've found another record that has not fully saved - some fields OK and some are now blank. It seems to be an issue only when saving drafts. Is it likely that there is a compatability problem with the system we are operating with? I have done some work at home and don't seem to be having the same trouble from there. It is very frustrating having to re-enter information with no guarantee it will stay.

I would appreciate some assistance or advice - there has been quite a bit of time gone to waste as a result.

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