Location History pick list not linking properly

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Location History pick list not linking properly

Postby FlindersShire » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:48 pm

I'm having a couple of problems with the location history pick list. I'm finding that the linked objects for each term are incorrect. And for a couple of them, all objects have been removed from that location, however links are still appearing - though when I click on the link, no records appear. Because there are still records linked though, I'm unable to delete the location heading. Does that make sense at all? It's difficult to explain.
For example: In the pick list the location "Hughenden, Queensland" is apparently linked to 1 record. When clicking on "linked records", I'm told "Your search for objects with 'location_history:"Hughenden, Queensland"' returned no results." and yet I'm unable to delete the location. This is the same problem for "Flinders Shire Library: External hard drive (Historical Society)".
With "Flinders Shire Library: Filing Cabinet 1-Drawer 2-A3#2" the problem is that there are many records in that location (listed on the pick list as 260, though not sure if that's accurate) but when clicking on the link, I get "returned no results" even though I know there are records with that location.
And with all the other locations on the pick list, the links are just inaccurate - the numbers specified on the pick list links are not the numbers showing up when I click on the link.

This means that I can't accurately determine how many records I have in each location, nor can I delete locations that are no longer in use.

Sorry this has been so long-winded. I hope you can help!

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Re: Location History pick list not linking properly

Postby paul » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:03 pm

This should be working correctly now.

There was an earlier bug where the counts were not reduced by one when one term was replaced with another within one catalogue record. This bug was fixed, but there are still some old cases of the counts being higher than the actual number of linked records. We've reset the counts for all of your terms.

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