Searching by ranges of object numbers

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Searching by ranges of object numbers

Postby paul » Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:26 pm

eHive uses a text search processor called Lucene. This supports a variety of wildcard and range search options which can help to do searches such as object number ranges.

Here's a couple of examples.

1. If your object numbers are simple sequences, you can just to '?' wildcard, which indicates one character.

So, searching on:


will find all object numbers with exactly four digits, with the first digit being a 5.

2. If you object number are always the same length (e.g. padded with zeros), then you can use the range option.

Searching on:

object_number:[1999.001 TO 1999.300]

will find all of the objects between these two numbers (the TO must be in upper case).

Note: Lucene is using purely alphabetic searching. If your object numbers vary in length, then you may not get the results you expect. e.g. object_number:[1999.1 TO 1999.300]

will include object number 1999.2000, as in pure alphabetical order, this comes between 1999.1... and 1999.3...

The next upgrade (Oct 2010) includes automated storing of a padded version of the object number you have entered. This is used in a new option to sort results by object number (part of the same upgrade), but will also allow us in the future to support more complex object number range searches.

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