Managing Loans

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Managing Loans

Postby paul » Fri May 14, 2010 12:43 pm

eHive currently has text fields for recording exhibition and loan information. It also has field level searching, so you can make use of the text searching to do basic loan recording.

For example, you could record details of lent object in the Administration tab -> Loan Out Details field. Using the format:

On Loan
Vernon Gallery - 5 May 2010-5 Sep 2010

Past Loans
eHive Museum - 3 Jun 2008-19 Aug 2008

Each field in eHive has an internal field name that can be used in searches. Could you see this in the help topic on eHive fields:

So, the Loan Out Details has an internal field name of loan_out.

If your text in the field was in the format of this example, then you could do a search on all objects currently on loan:

loan_out:"on loan"

(the quotes are important as otherwise this search would find records with 'on' in the loans out field OR the word 'loan' anywhere in the record).

Later, when the object returns to the museum, the Loan Out Details field could be updated to read:

Past Loans
Vernon Gallery - 5 May 2010-5 Sep 2010
eHive Museum - 3 Jun 2008-19 Aug 2008

... thereby no longer coming up in the results for the loan_out:"on loan" search.

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