Enhancing the pick list fields

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Enhancing the pick list fields

Postby paul » Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:49 am

We're looking at making some minor changes to improve the term drop down boxes in eHive. Currently, if a term is very long there is no way to see the text that runs off the end of the drop down. We have a couple of options:

1. Adding a text bubble when you hover the mouse over a the term in a drop down. This would show the full term name wrapping in a little caption bubble, regardless of how long it is. The problem with this approach is that it is all or nothing. i.e. The majority of terms (in fact all terms for many eHive users) are short enough to display, but the bubble still will float over them when you move the mouse over them.

2. Changing the Edit Term Pick List screen to have a horizontal scroll bar (similar to the Vernon CMS horizontal scroll bar in the authority search screen).

Let us know if you have any preference for these options.

Another extension we're considering is a search box on the Edit Term Pick List screen to allow you to search a long term list from this screen. Is this an option you think you would use?

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Re: Enhancing the pick list fields

Postby kaaren » Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:43 pm

We just had a discussion about this and thought perhaps the scroll bar would be preferrable because with the bubble, a bubble tends to pop up when you move over that field and could be a bit of unecessary visual clutter whereas we thought the scroll bar would only scroll when you want it to scroll so is not automatically activated by cursor position.

A search box on the Edit term Pick list sounds potentially helpful. Anything that helps to search a long list could be useful (once we get a long list of terms we are just building lists at the moment of course). We can see that it could be difficult and therefore take precious time to find a term if the list was v. long.

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