Cannot get a localhost Wordpress site to connect to ehive

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Cannot get a localhost Wordpress site to connect to ehive

Postby Tony4SWmus » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:31 am

I am a volunteer for my local museum, developing a potential Wordpress website to display records from their existing account held at eHive, and potentially linking the accounts of other local museums with eHive accounts into an eHive Community. I have installed the Wordpress eHive Plugins, have created my own eHive account as a developer and generated the API Keys and entered them into the Account Setting page. I have installed the Access Plugin and the Account Plugin and Image Grid plugin more or less as a test to see if I understand how they are supposed to work. I have specified the account ID number on the Access Plugin, but whenever I insert a shortcode into an appropriate page I get the message "Some content on this site is currently unavailable please try again later." which I think means that I am failing to connect to eHive. Having read every help page that I can find, I am still at a loss to understand what I am missing. Can you give me some further instructions please? Do my API Keys allow me to connect to any Account or Community, or only to my own account and a community that I might be a member of? Do I have to get the Museum to use its own account to create API Keys and use those instead?

Many thanks

Tony Morton

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Re: Cannot get a localhost Wordpress site to connect to ehiv

Postby paul » Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:57 am

Hi Tony,
I see Darren has been helping you sort this out via an email exchange. The site running on localhost was a red herring. The issue was that the API key needs to be created within the account you are connecting to. Good to hear that you have it sorted.


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