Failing to get WordPress eHive plugins to work

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Failing to get WordPress eHive plugins to work

Postby tamulder » Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:19 pm

I am in the process of trying out different CM systems and have set up an eHive account for that purpose. One of the elements I want to try out is the implementation of eHive into a WordPress site. At the moment I am having troubles getting records to show up.

I have entered one public record on eHive (, I have installed three WordPress plugins: eHIve Access, Object details and Search, entered the API Keys, set the account number, created the relevant pages, set the page configuration. I did NOT set the enable caching API calls. When I go to the search page, which I created on my own dormant blog ( and search on 'assent' the record does not show up. Would this be because of not caching the API calls, because of the theme used? What else could I look at to rectify the problem?


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Re: Failing to get WordPress eHive plugins to work

Postby paul » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:59 am

Double check that your API key settings match up. It seems you want to show records from your own eHive account, so in eHive your API key should be set to access data at the Account - Public Records level.

In WordPress your main eHive plugin settings should be set to Account, with your eHive account number (5925), and the page with the eHive search widget included should be selected under Page configuration -> Search Page.

The core pages (such at the page you embed the search box on) should be WordPress Pages, not Posts, so that would be another thing to check.

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