Error when website on internal network

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Error when website on internal network

Postby RockyGirls » Wed May 27, 2015 9:54 am

Our websites sits on our internal network. When we put all the details in, the search option comes up, but when we search it just returns the default error. To make sure it was not something I was doing wrong I setup the plugin on an external website and everything works fine.

I thought it might have been our load balancer so I recreated the website before the balancer and our problem still exists. One thing I did find is this plugin does not work on a wordpress multisite setup. When on a multisite setup you cannot even search. Our site is and our multisite is

So my question is does this plugin only work on websites that have an external ip? Will the requests pass through a load balancer (reverse proxy) correctly.

Our current setup is Internet --> firewall (port forward) --> load balancer --> Webserver (no round robin).

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Re: Error when website on internal network

Postby paul » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:14 pm

This one requires more investigation. We haven't done any work on multisite WordPress sites, so it's possible there is a clash with this. In your external site test, was this configured as a WordPress multisite? Have you tried testing the internal site to be a single site rather than a multisite? (possibly this isn't feasible if you already have other internal sites that rely on this structure).

We'll set up a multisite copy here for further testing. We're currently working on a minor eHive upgrade which we need to get completed first, so it will be later this week that we do the WordPress testing.


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