Pagination Ehive Objects Image Grid

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Pagination Ehive Objects Image Grid

Postby archeologie2013 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:12 am

Hello Ehive Developers,

We use the Ehive plugin Objects Image Grid at our website in the Netherlands. At our page "Vondsten" [url]([/url] we display the most recent archeological finds of our archeological club.

At this stage we have 27 finds displayed at our website. Because we want to add more finds we want to present them in a grid of 14 finds (3 coloms and 5 rows). But, I can´t find out how to get pagination into the grid? Is there a way to get a fixed format into the grid so we can click to the next 27 finds on page 2, page 3, and so on.

Otherwise our collection on the website of archeological finds is growing an you have to scroll down a lot.

Hope there is a way to get pagination!

Best regards,

Marco Feenstra
Archeologische Werkgroep Waterland

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Re: Pagination Ehive Objects Image Grid

Postby paul » Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:58 am

The image grid is only for a grid on a single page and does not have pagination options.

You may be able to use the search plugin. The Gold Museum display subsets of their collection via links in the left navigation area. Each of these present a set of paginated results by linked to the URL for the search results.

For example, the link for Maps is this URL:

In the above case the search is finding objects with images (has_image:true) with the title containing the word 'map' (+title:map). The colon character needs to be escaped in the URL, so appears as %3A instead of :

The results page can be in lightbox view. The fields displayed are controlled in the WordPress admin settings for the search plugin. You will need to pass a search, but this could just be a search for all objects with images. In the Gold Museum site this looks like:

You could also add some introduction text on this page, although this text would also appear at the top of any other search results if you use the search option in other areas of your site.

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